Baseboll Hybrid

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Baseball of the future. Currently in the final testing phase in the United States. Protected with 4 patents.

Made 100% of artificial components and therefore indestructible and extremely durable.
Waterproof.  Wipe the water or dirt off and the ball is as good as new again!

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Another great advantage is that production costs are not affected anymore by increasing costs of natural resources.
Because the Hybrid ball has the official COR and Compression, it feels, plays, and sounds just as a “real” game ball.
After the testing phase, the Hybrid ball will be launched in the United States as a game ball for college level.  This means it can be used at all European levels!
Because of its unique specifications and durability, the Hybrid ball will likely replace the current game balls in the future.
All major baseball brands are involved with the production and testing process.
Covee is proud to be the official distributor for Europe.

  • Polyhide patented cover with cushioned unicore center.
  • It feels like a leather cover, but is impermeable to moisture!
  • Ideal for outdoor play from elite to youth players.
  • Inset raised stitches never fade.
  • Unicore cushion center with metered tension yarn winding.
  • Approved by USSSA.

Note: the components and production process of the Hybrid ball are protected by 4 patents.

The owner of these patents determines who the distributor is and under what name its product is sold on each continent.  For Europe, the name Hybrid was chosen, but it is possible that it will be launched under a different name in the United States and/or Asia.